Beware of the children





It usually begins with a continuous "knock" at the door.        The "knock" continues until the door is answered. 

In some cases:

ding dong...ding dong...ding dong...ding dong...ding dong...

ding dong...ding dong...ding dong...ding dong...ding dong...

ding dong...ding dong...ding dong...ding dong...'s a continuous of the door-bell ringing as if someone is pressing the door-bell button without releasing it. 

Once the calling at the door has been answered, a request is usually submitted:

"Can we use your phone?"

"Can we use your restroom?"

"Can we get a drink?"

"Can we have something to eat?"

"Can you give us a ride?"

"Can we come in?"

When the request is either denied or not achieved to their satisfactory ,being allowed to enter your house or get into your vehicle, the spokes person becomes agitated and more firm in asking to be allowed to enter. 

Once the spokes person realizes that the request is being denied, his or her desperation causes an act of carelessness of keeping their head down to hide their facial appearance. The child unmindfully raises their head and reveals their unique eye features by making eye contact.

                 The Questions

               What do they really want from us?  

               What happens if  we let them in? 

                      Who or what are they?

                 Where do they come from?

There are many theories on who these children are and what they want. One must keep in mind that this falls in the catagory of a paranormal phenomenon and not much can be determined as "answers" to the many questions that follow these encounters.

Though each possible theory may have values that fit this phenomenon, the truth and the answers lie within the detail of each report.  In order to understand this phenomenon to it's fullest; it is extremely importaint for eyewitness' to come forward and to detail their encounter.  

               The Phenomenon

Within the last decade,  hundreds of people have come forward describing one of the most unusual encounters imaginable. 

The reports describe children who have the intent to invade ones personal dwelling space; whether being their home or their vehicle. Beyond the odd behavior of these children, the most notable feature of these children is the soild black eyes; lacking the white part of the eye known as the "sclera" nor is there an iris (the colored part of the eye) seen. 

The eyes are often refered to as a solid black almond shaped eye. 

In most cases, the children arrive in pairs. One is usually the spokes-person for the duo. Usually wearing dark hood sweatshirts that help conceal their face as they timidly keep their head down.

   "Let us in!"    

  "We can not come in unless you tell us we can!"

   "You must let us in!"

   "This won't take long!"

   "We won't hurt you!"

   "You must allow us to come in!"

In some cases, the adult recalls the sense of being under the influence of a hypnotic state. 

"I realized I was opening the door wider for them to enter."

"I found myself reaching for the door handle to open my car door."

"I felt myself becoming brain was screaming WAKE UP YOU FOOL!" 

If and when the adult firmly makes the final stand by closing the door or drives off...the child or children seem to vanish without a trace. 

"I peeked out of the window and they were gone as if they just vanished into mid-air".

"I looked into my rear-view mirror and they were gone."


                                 Spiritual Entites

                            Alien Hybrids

                          Demonic Entities


                      Men-In-Black Assosiates

                            Time Travelers

                    Inter-Dimensional Beings


          Urban Legend vs Reports

Many people wrongfully refer to the Black Eyed Children phenomenon as an "Urban Legend". Due to skepticism and lack of proof, many people believe that the claims are false and nothing more than just stories. This leads many people to loosely use the term "Urban Legend". 

The fact is...Urban Legends are stories that can not be traced to a particular person, place or time. In order for a story to be catagoried as an urban legend; the story must lack an eyewitness and can not be accredited.

In the case of Black Eyed Children...there are hundreds of eyewitness' that are verifiable and can be interviewed. Thus placing the Black Eyed Children in the catagory of "reports".  

Whether you choose to believe that the reports are accounted with honesty or not; is your choice to make. 

If you or someone you know has had an encounter with Black Eyed Children  please share your encounter with us

Please provide as much detail that you can recall about your encounter. Thank you for coming forward and sharing your experience.

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